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    Don't 'Spank the Monkey' - Spank the Ass!

    Where our fetish for spanking came from who knows? Was it from getting a hardon watching a naughty classmate getting punished? Well, wherever it came from these gay spanking pics and movies will surely get you off!.    Please be sure to now so you can find us again. 
    FRATHOUSE SPANKING - Online Movie, One of the hottest gay spanking movies we have ever seen. Featuring the stunning Dakota Brittain as the punisher in the first three scenes. Even if this is the only spanking movie you ever watch...You gotta watch it! - Hung Amateurs We are sure that your hunger for hot spankings will be better filled with Spankthis. The guys are more of the American Frat Guy type and the punishers really know their stuff. its like SeanCody meets the Paddle! My favorite movie on this site stars Jacob Patrick & Kayden Daniels, they're so hot!
    Spanking Twinks.   However if you love watching older daddy types spanking their naughty sons, then the guys over at SpankingTwinks have got what you are looking for. Though they use Eastern European boys for the majority of their spanking movies & pics, The boys aren't those skinny underfed ones. As with the punishments look real & the moans, groans & thwacks very realistic! But don't just take our word for it....Click Here & try them for a while!

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    The act of repeatly slapping those buttocks with one's open hand. Appropriately given by pulling someone ear toward you, sitting down, and guiding them over your knees so that their crotch area is directly on your lap and their ass is slightly lifted and exposed right above your lap. A proper spanking begins with the person clothed, preferably in very tight jeans or short shorts, and begins with several slaps to the buttocks. A spanking requires several intermissions of rubbing and squeezing the butt cheeks and perhaps gently rubbing sensitive areas in more hidden in between the legs. By the time a spanking is over, all clothing should have been removed, and the butt should be fairly red, very hot, and very stingy from all the slaps. However, no bruises or marks should ever appear. Both men and boys, young and old, require spankings. Most do not admit it, but damn do they enjoy being bent over and given a good hard spanking!!

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